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Details Discourse-Studies-Reader-Bloomsbury-Discourse

Illustrates scope and focus of discourse analysis through aselection of chapters from current titles in the Continuum Discourse Series.

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Details Colloquium-Dilemmas-of-Academic-Discourse-Advances-in-Discourse-Processes-Band-60

Colloquium : Dilemmas of Academic Discourse (Advances in Discourse Processes)

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Details Gender-and-Discourse-The-Power-of-Talk-Advances-in-Discourse-Processes-Band-30

No Advances in Discourse Processes: Vol 30 Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Discourse-Analysis-Routledge-English-Language-Introductions

Discourse Analysis provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the rich and diverse field of discourse analysis. It covers all the major approaches to the study of discourse, including newer perspectives focusing on the analysis of ...

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Details Culture-and-Technology-in-the-New-Europe-Civic-Discourse-in-Transformation-in-Post-Communist-Nations-Civic-Discourse-in-Tranformation-in-Civic-Discourse-for-the-Third-Millennium

Culture and Technology in the New Europe A presentation of the insights of an international group of researchers and media practitioners who examine the impact of technology on the New Europe. They address concerns that the New Europe faces on the eve ...

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Details Rousseau-The-Basic-Political-Writings-Discourse-on-the-Sciences-and-the-Arts-Discourse-on-the-Origin-of-Inequality-Discourse-on-Political-Economy-Contract-The-State-of-War-Hackett-Classics

This substantially revised new edition of Rousseau: The Basic Political Writings features a brilliant new Introduction by David Wootton, a revision by Donald A. Cress of his own 1987 translation of Rousseau's most important political writings, and the ...

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Details A-Discourse-on-Inequality

A Discourse on Inequality Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the son of a Genevan watchmaker who became one of the foremost French writers and political theorists of the Enlightenment, penning such classics as 'The Social Contract' and 'Emile'. His 'Discourse ...

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Details A-Cultural-Approach-to-Discourse

A Cultural Approach to Discourse Shi-xu critiques ethnocentrism in discourse studies in terms of its intellectual and cultural consequences. He outlines a culturally pluralist stance that advocates the construction of theory and use of methodology ...

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Details White-Race-Discourse-Preserving-Racial-Privilege-in-a-Post-Racial-Society

White Race Discourse White Race Discourse exposes and explains the contradictory nature of the race discourse displayed by sixty-one white college students in the United States. While many scholars have written about the racetalk of whites, few have ...

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Details Global-media-discourse-A-Critical-Introduction

Global Media Discourse Featuring a range of exercises, examples, and images, this textbook provides a practical way of analysing the discourses of the global media industries. This work provides an introduction into how globalisation is changing the ...